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[photo_box title=”Degree class” image=”754″]
[photo_box title=”Diploma Class (Mandarin)” image=”670″]
[photo_box title=”Diploma Class (English)” image=”708″]
[photo_box title=”Diploma Class (Mandarin) ” image=”687″]
[photo_box title=”Enjoying lunch!” image=”690″]
[photo_box title=”Private Lounge” image=”702″]
[photo_box title=”Another view of our cafe” image=”716″]
[photo_box title=”Healthy organic lunch prepared by us” image=”730″]
[photo_box title=”Husband and wife studying together” image=”726″]
[photo_box title=”Enjoying lunch with family” image=”724″]
[photo_box image=”728″ title=”Comfortable lecture hall”]
[photo_box title=”Handicapped friendly lecture hall” image=”668″]
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[photo_box title=”Wushu Lesson” image=”923″]
[photo_box title=”Playing Volley Ball” image=”924″]
[photo_box title=”Badminton Competition” image=”738″]
[photo_box title=”Table tennis competition” image=”734″]
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[photo_box title=”Team-Building Activities” image=”926″]
[photo_box title=”Drawing & Colouring” image=”927″]
[photo_box title=”Health Talk” image=”928″]
[photo_box title=”Volley Ball Match” image=”932″]
[photo_box title=”Top 5 Family” image=”929″]
[photo_box title=”Healthy Lunch” image=”934″]
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[photo_box title=”Latest info update” image=”941″]
[photo_box title=”Games” image=”942″]
[photo_box title=”Games” image=”943″]
[photo_box title=”Having fun!” image=”945″]
[photo_box title=”Games” image=”946″]
[photo_box title=”Yummy lunch” image=”944″]
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[photo_box title=”Introducing our academy” image=”936″]
[photo_box title=”Our booth” image=”937″]
[photo_box title=”Course consultation” image=”938″]
[photo_box title=”Books & Leaflets” image=”939″]
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[photo_box title=”Lucky winner who won a scholarship voucher” image=”748″]
[photo_box title=”Health talk ” image=”742″]
[photo_box title=”Attentive crowd during health talk” image=”953″]
[photo_box title=”Our Vice President Dr Rebecca giving health advices” image=”951″]
[photo_box title=”Setting up our booth” image=”957″]
[photo_box image=”955″]
[photo_box image=”956″]
[photo_box title=”Lucky scholarship winner ” image=”959″]
[photo_box image=”952″]
[photo_box title=”Friendly consultant attending to students” image=”961″]
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[photo_box title=”Study notes” image=”672″]
[photo_box title=”Large and clear LED screen in auditorium” image=”697″]
[photo_box title=”Video conferencing” image=”1157″]Real time learning for students staying far from campus[/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Distant learning and tuition with CDs” image=”956″]
[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”icon-beaker-line” style=”icon” title=”Free body check”]
[photo_box title=”Free body check up during exhibition” image=”1174″]
[photo_box image=”1171″]
[photo_box image=”1182″]
[photo_box image=”1183″ title=”Free Consultation”]
[photo_box title=”Queuing for body check ” image=”1185″]
[photo_box image=”1180″]
[photo_box image=”1172″]
[photo_box image=”1173″]
[photo_box image=”1178″ title=”Giving out free health magazine – Health Today to visitors”]
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[photo_box image=”1073″ title=”Dr Jessie’s Stay Away from Cancer health talk”]
[photo_box image=”1069″ title=”Large crowd”]
[photo_box image=”1072″ title=”Posing with husband Joshua and other speakers Prof Korkina and Dr Rebecca “]
[photo_box title=”Health talk by Mr Jonathan ( Lecturer of NHNA )” image=”1193″]
[photo_box image=”1191″]
[photo_box image=”1192″ title=”Attentive crowd”]
[photo_box title=”Q&A session” image=”1194″]
[photo_box image=”1189″]
[photo_box image=”1175″ title=”Health Talk by Dr Rebecca during exhibition “]
[photo_box image=”953″]
[photo_box image=”1080″]
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Malaysia Naturopathic Association had organised two charity events this year to raise funds for Dr Jessie Chung Cancer Fund, MAKNA, Rainbow Home Orphanage and Shelter Home Orphanage. 

[photo_box image=”1256″ title=”Charity Love Unity Concert on 17/10/15″]
[photo_box title=”Charity Movie Premiere on 18/9/15″ image=”1257″]
[photo_box title=”Press conference for Charity Concert” image=”1259″]


Wellness is naturally attained with proper diet and nutrition. The foremost reason why human today are unhealthy is because of incorrect diet nutrition. To achieve true wellness, we must seek genuine healthcare methods through accurate knowledge, most of them are dubious and useless to say the least.


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