Advanced Certificate in Diet & Nutrition

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[photo_box title=”HUman Anatomy” image=”1000″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Human Physiology” image=”1001″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Human Pathology” image=”1002″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Food Science” image=”969″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Common Dietary Chinese Medicine” image=”1008″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Management ” image=”985″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Psychology” image=”986″][/photo_box]
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[photo_box title=”Parasitology” image=”984″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Nutritional & Diet Case Study” image=”979″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Basic Theory of TCM” image=”1003″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Common foods for TCM treatment” image=”1004″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Toxicity & Detoxification” image=”974″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Human Nutrition” image=”970″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Diet & Nutritional Therapy” image=”977″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Dietary Guidelines” image=”992″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”9 Body Constitution” image=”966″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Common Ginseng product” image=”1005″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Acupoint for first aid” image=”1006″][/photo_box]
[photo_box title=”Common valuable medicine” image=”1007″][/photo_box]
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September 13, 2017


Wellness is naturally attained with proper diet and nutrition. The foremost reason why human today are unhealthy is because of incorrect diet nutrition. To achieve true wellness, we must seek genuine healthcare methods through accurate knowledge, most of them are dubious and useless to say the least.


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