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To provide up-to-date, comprehensive yet practical knowledge to our students, we hand-pick experts from this field as lecturers. Include medical doctors, TCM Physicians and Senior Nutritional Consultants.
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We have developed various state-of-the-art facilities in our HQ, Shah Alam for the use of our students.
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  • I felt nervous about starting a new course, since I have been out of school for a long time. Natural Health Naturopathic Academy has a proud tradition of delivering academic excellence and practical training in a nurturing and supportive environment, that makes me comfortable and less stressful. They have a diverse student community with people from all walks of life, as more and more people seeking an exciting career in health and complementary medicine.
    A Nurturing and Supportive Environment
    Renee Lai, Senior Nutritionist
  • I love to learn from the clinical experience of the lecturers of NHNA, which are leading practitioners in the naturopathic field. Through their experience, I have learned a lot of practical knowledge and effective naturopathic therapy. I can now treat and take care of clients with different diseases. I’m glad that I can help my family and friends to regain their health through a natural way.
    Effective naturopathic therapy from leading practitioners
    Rose Tan
  • After the course, I am able to help my patients since I am a pharmacist. The clinical experiences shared by the lecturers are most useful for my practice.
    More Confident in Nutritional Treatments
    Kevin Lim
  • The knowledge taught in this course is extremely practical , and can be immediately applied to my daily living . After finishing this course , I learned how to eat correctly and fine-tuned my diet. Not only did this course make me healthier , it also made my family and friends healthier. This course is totally worth it! Excellent value !
    Extremely Practical Course!
    Sia Eng Hai
  • All my family members have attended this course and due to its comprehensive nutritional knowledge, we have learnt so much.
    Comprehensive Nutrition & Diet knowledge
    Si Chai Seng & wife
  • After obtaining knowledge regarding nutrition and disease from this course, I am able to change my family’s diet and give them better healthcare.
    Better Healthcare for my Family
    Nee Rui Yi
  • I am glad that I had chosen NHNA because the course is easy to follow. The learning methods are relaxing and the teachings are very practical. After this course, I acquired a better understanding of food and nutrition, and the information learnt can be easily applied in my daily life.
    Painless Learning
    Liau Sheau Miin (Sharon)
  • Before taking this course, I’m unclear about nutritional knowledge. But now I can share the nutritional knowledge with many other people in my life. Not only I helped myself, I also helped many people to regain their health!
    I helped people to regain their health!
    Gan Choi Peng
  • NHNA uses advanced teaching methods to make the course easier to understand. The course is stimulating and allows helpful interactions between the students and lecturers. This course provides the latest information in nutrition.
    Good Interactions with the Lecturers
    Choong Son Koy
  • This is a comprehensive course that emphasizes on optimal health. Not only does the course focuses on theory, but it also concentrates on practical and useful information.
    Emphasizes Health for the Body, Mind, and Soul
    Howey Thian
  • In the past I’ve always believed that a healthy person is simply someone who doesn’t get sick. However, after this course I realized that everyday stress could also deteriorate one’s health. I know how to better take care of my health now.
    True Meaning of Optimal Health
    Ng Sai Tiang

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